Some more money affirmations

It is not a how to make money post but you may make money buy these
Some more affirmations to my previous money affirmayions post.

I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis.

I do wonderful work for wonderful pay!
My supply is endless and immediate!

I am financially secure
I am financially free
I am financially independent

money follows me wherever I go, because it is mine
money finds me wherever I am, because it is mine

I am surrounded by exuberant amounts of my money and just as much love and loyalty

Note.. blue, gold, and purple represent wealth. I surround myself in blues golds and purples.

Money is freely flowing into my life and there is always a surplus..
Money is constantly circulating in my life--I release it with joy and it returns to me in a wonderful way.....

I have a wonderful job with a wonderful pay!
I do wonderful service in a wonderful way!"

Abundance flows to me from all directions
My needs are filled effortlessly

My financial abundance is ever-increasing
Money brings me great joy!
I circulate a lot of money

Money comes to me easily because I love it and appreciate it
I am aligned with the energy of money and abundance
I am super attractive to money - it can't resist me!      :)

source: received by email. I think taken from several blogs, books and etc.

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