The secret of law of attraction :)

I found an article , I want to share it.
There is a different description about law of attraction. Have you seen the website of Kevin Hogan. I have copied some parts from his webiste. Some thoughts may be similar to some of my posts about law of attraction.

The Secret...The Truth Behind the Lie
by Kevin Hogan...and the first truth is... that God is not a Slot Machine.
The new book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne is an encapsulization of a recurring wish for magic, to be real.
Shoot, everyone wants to be able to play Quidditch. We all have hoped for potions and spells to be effective at rendering a teacher or professor silent for a day...we all want to be able to fight off evil dementors.
The Magical "Law of Attraction"The premise of the measurable part of the philosophy is the "Law of Attraction." The idea is that if you can mentally attract it, it will come. "It's just as easy to attract $10,000 as it is $1," the author says.
(I can't measure spirit beings channeling info to people.)
"Attract a will come."
Not if there's no birds on your island it won't....
For the whole article you can chsck the website. It is interesting .

Actually I have read the book, and it is a good summary of all law of attraction books. So, if you want to read a on the law attraction, this book is a good one.

But I think goal setting is better for me.
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