SMART goal setting-Attainable, achievable

SMART-Attainable (achievable)
When you set or identify your goals which are most important to you, you should start with the goals that yourself will believe it.
If you say I want to be a millionaire, it is achievable but if you say I will be a millionaire next month and you do not have even a few buck in your pocket then it is unrealistic.
So define a realistic goal.
When you identify a realistic goals you begin to figure out ways you can make them come true. You start working on the ways how to reach that goal.
Goals you set which are too far out of your reach, you probably won't commit to doing.
It is like climbing the stairs. If you think that you will climb the stairs of a building in a second it is not possible. But you can start with the first step and continue. In every step (goal ) that you achieve you will also believ that you will go to the last step.
The feeling of success helps you to remain motivated.
Not ony dream like said in Law of attraction, set the goal attainable and move...


garyryanblair said...

I quite agree with the points. SMART goals are really effective not only in achieving targets but also in stress management.

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