Law of attraction

All the net and bookstores are full of Law of attraction books and blogs.
I think the system works for the writers. They really attracted money by writing a book about law of attraction.
I do not know anybody get rich by reading those books.
Try it!
Get a picture of what you want, look at it and think you own it.
Will you get it without working?


Abinas C. N. Jagernauth said...

At the end of the day we do have to take action.

Maya@Completely-Coastal said...

Some action is required... It does work though, sometimes fast, sometimes not so fast..., key is to be in a place of peace, not lack..., meaning that whatever you desire you have to feel good whether it manifests or not.

Anonymous said...

so you are telling me that huge bag of money is NOT going to fall from the sky into my lap....?
back to work i guess.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I agree with you. I am all for positive thinking but I think those books take it to an extreme, state the obvious over and over, and exaggerate the benefits. Big money in it for them.

Bendz said...

A lot of authors are making money...
Without work :( No one can make money.
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Pink Ink said...

I like to look at a pic of my "book". Keeps me motivated.

But drats, I still have to write it! :-)

Thanks for stopping at my blog.

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