A toy house with real bricks

If you are an amateur architect or you like to spend time with your children making models that is the toy for you. So, the young builders may enjoy. Because this is not a toy for all kids, they may get bored.
So, you can build your dream home with your hands.

A diy house :)
It was a present to my son, so we made it together in the balcony. In my opinion it is better to make it outside because it is a dusty toy. It is normal as you use real bricks.
Inside the box you receive all the bricks, trowel, cement powder, plastic doors and windows, a chipboard to place the house. There are other type of houses or etc. from Teifoc bricks.
First mix the cement powder with water.
Apply the cement on the bricks with the trowel.
Place the bricks on the right place on the chipboard. It is better to draw a plan on the chipboard first. At least the outside of the house. :)
If you do not like the result then put it in the water and construct your house again.
Actually it is a messy toy, we could not manage to construct a beautiful house.

Moreover, Teifoc bricks are re-usable, so you can always rebuild till you created something you like!

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