Nikon FA

I bought my Nikon FA in 1986.

There was a promotion of a kit with a nice bag, lens (zoom-nikkor 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5), and flash unit (speedlight SB-18) .

Nikon FA offers three automatic exposure modes, in addition to full manual override.

To put you in total control, the Nikon FA offers three automatic exposure modes, in addition to full manual override. For fastbreaking events, the programmed mode automatically sets both shutter speed and aperture for correct exposure in any light. Or when action must be stopped or blurred, such as in sports photography, shutter·priority lets you choose the shutter speed manually, then the FA automatically sets the aperture to match. If depth of field is important, aperture priority allows you to select the precise aperture with the matching shutter speed set automatically.
But possibly even more important are the FA's two separate metering methods. In Nikon's revolutionary automatic multipattern metering system, the brightness from 5 areas of the focusing screen is analyzed by the camera's microcomputer; this automatically ensures the correct exposure-even in tricky lighting situations-without any exposure compensation whatsoever.
Traditional centerweighted metering is reserved for the manual mode, but is usable in any of the three automatic modes with the metering control button. Other features of the FA include 1/4000sec. top shutter speed, 1/250sec. flash sync, interchangeable focusing screens, and a comprehensive line of Nikon accessories.
I still keep the original user manual (instruction manual). Some of above information is taken from the foreword of the manual.

To my opinion it was one of the better film slr cameras.

Actually I still use it. Bu not so often.

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