Drainage tips for basement floors

Do you complain about humidity and water stains in your basements?

You need a good drainage system around your house.

The best way is to use a prefabricated composite drainage material which is easy to use.

This drainage sheet has 2 specially manufactured nonwoven geotextile on both sides and a 3 dimensional core. These 3 products are thermally bonded.

You can use a product called Enkadrain which has a lot of advantages. It is easy to install, forms a ventilation layer between your home and the soil, light material so easy handling, and you will not need extra accessories.

These drains also protects your waterproofing on the walls and collects the groundwater and send it to main drain pipes. You can easily cut with wit a pair of scissors.

You will also save paying and carrying heavy gravel to your place. It is a nice product for do it yourself (diy).

In my opinion it will be good to check this system also.

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